On the blue waves of the infinite ocean,

Sail the caravels, vessels of the past,

Guided by the stars and the subtle winds,

They go towards the unknown, towards the blazing horizon.

So goes life, like a ship on the sea,

We are always looking to discover, to explore,

With our dreams for compass and our passions for sails,

We sail towards our destiny, towards our stars.

Like caravels, our images are windows,

Open to unknown worlds, to emotions perhaps,

Snapshots of life that evoke purity,

And that invite the souls to travel and adventure.


It is well known that I am a great lover of stories, poetry, sweetness and well-made things.

My love for these things has always been at the heart of my work as a photographer. That’s why, when the time came to choose a place to express my creativity, and a name for my studio, I wanted it to reflect this passion, while evoking freedom, exploration, the quest for the new and the beautiful.

In this spirit of adventure and discovery,

I named my studio Caravelle, with a green ambition,

Capturing the essence of life and its wonders,

And tell stories that touch and amaze.

In my studio, I create a space of magic,

Where dreams come true and memories flourish,

A place where creativity takes flight and art flourishes,

A place where everyone can explore and discover the unheard of.